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Geographic advantage
Geographically, Turkey is considered as a bridge between Europe and Asia and, because of its position, It was very attractive for the great empires through the history such as Byzantines, Romans and Ottomans… Its external boundaries are mostly with the coastline with water on three sides surrounded by Black Sea, Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
From Europe to Turkey : 2-4 hours non-stop / Far East: 10-15 hours non-stop
From North Africa to Turkey : 3-4 hours non-stop / Far East: 10-15 hours non-stop
From Middle Africa to Turkey : 5-9 hours non-stop / Far East 9-14 hours non-stop
From USA to Turkey : 9-14 hours non-stop / Far East 18-26 hours one-stop
From Russia and Turkic Countries to Turkey : 2-4 hours non-stop / Far East 7-12 hours non-stop
From Middle Eastern Countries to Turkey : 2-4 hours non-stop / Far East 5-9 hours non-stop
On the Turkish land not just the continents meet, but different climates as well. Mediteranian climate is characterizing the area of Mediteranian and Aegean sea, where winter is cool and wet and summers are dry and hot. Mentioned areas are attracting millions of tourists all around the world during the summer. Eastern coast of Turkey is characterized by hot summers and cold winters. The most pleasant weather to enjoy the eastern part of the country is spring and fall season. Northern part of Turkey, better known as Black sea, is a continental climate. You can experience all four seasons along the northern coast. Summer months are very attractive for the tourists. Steppe climate can be found in the Anatolian Plateau. The central part of the country is characterized by great temperature oscillation between day and night. Not much rainfall occurs, but there are many snowy days.

Diversity of Turkey is shown in the ethnic aspect, as well. Arabs on south, Kurds on the southeast, Laz and Rums on the north and Georgians on the north east in the most cases declare themselves as Turks, regardless their original roots. Multicultural and multiethnic environment is highly present in Turkey especially in big cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, etc. No matter where you go and which city you visit, Turkish people will show you extreme hospitality well known all around the world. Experiencing the Turkish culture will for sure take you to the traditional restaurants and food stands where different tastes will bring you back to the ancient times, give pleasant light, taste of Mediterranean kitchen or make you experience spicy Middle Eastern kitchen. Every region in Turkey possesses its own special dishes beside the common ones.

Advanced Healthcare System and Reasonable Prices
Turkey is among the top 10 in health sector in the world with its health infrastructure and quality of tourism potential as a medical tourism destination. Medical tourism is highly developed. Turkey has hosted approximately 700,000 visitors for medical tourism per year. Turkey has 50 health facilities with medical equipment of latest technology and highly trained professionals accredited by the Joint Commission International with which BWT (bewellinTurkiye) cooperates. Turkey has the highest number of accredited medical organizations compared to any other European destination. Turkey is the first place in the top thermal resources concerning rapidly growing elderly population as well as youth population of the world along with traditional Turkish hospitality, which make Turkey the shining star in the world. Because of these, there is no obstacle preventing Turkey from becoming one of the tourist centers. There are many great advantages of medical tourism in Turkey; reasonable price, instant access/rapid services to high quality care, treatment by the world standards, qualified human resources and hospitality.

Reasonable Price: Many procedures are 50% to 70% less costly than the same treatment in the EU.

Instant Access/Rapid Services to High Quality Care: You will find the most rapid and efficient response to your healthcare needs in Turkey with the assistance of BWT.

Treatment by the World Standards: BWT is cooperating with Turkey’s advanced medical technology owned hospitals, hospital groups and healthcare companies which operates with the latest high technology invented and not often found in the medical institutions around the world such as PET CT, TRUEBEAM, 3 Tesla MRI, Intra-operative MRI ,Da Vinci Surgery – Robotic- Assisted Surgery, RapidArc, IGRT, Robotic Surgery, Cyberknife, Gammaknife, Radiotherapy, Nuclear medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery, Radiotherapy.

Qualified Human Resources: The rate of medical specialization and the number of well-trained health professionals and physicians are very high in Turkey. On monthly basis, they participate healthcare system improvement programs.
The language of instruction in medical education in Turkey is mostly in English and it is used widely in health service provision as well.

Hospitality: ‘’Among all of the nations, the most honorable and the most friendly people are only the Turks. If you go to a Turkish village; you will see and learn what true hospitality is in fact.’’

-William Martin (Author).

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